Does your camp have any contact? 
Rhode Island Football Academy (RIFA) is a non-contact camp.

What equipment does each camper need to bring with him to camp? 
All RIFA campers will receive a camp practice jersey and shorts. The camp “”uniform”” is to be worn each day at camp.

What areas of instruction are covered at your camp? 
RIFA is the premier football instruction camp in the area covering all skill positions on the football field. All positions taught at camp are led by RIFA instructors specializing in their respective position.

What if my camper has never played before? 
Although RIFA is considered a contact camp, we are first and foremost a teaching camp. All campers regardless of age or experience are the taught same progressions for their respective position. Players are placed into groupings by age, position and in some cases their ability. Instruction is then given in a manner that is easily understood and enjoyable for each camper to maximize their camp experience.

How do you divide the campers into groupings for their instruction? 
While all campers participate in the drills and competition, we make a sincere effort to organize the schedule so that campers will work with others of their same age, size, talent, and skill level.

What is the coach to camper ratio? 
A typical camper to coach ratio is 8-10 campers to each coach. This enables us to maximize the instruction time and repetitions for each camper.

Does your camp offer lunch? 

What method of payment do you accept? 
RIFA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

What is your refund policy? 
No refunds, credit for future camps only.

What happens in the eventof inclement weather? 
In the event of poor weather conditions, camp will be conducted indoors with modified training and various film instructions.

What precautions do you take when extreme heat conditions exist? 
RIFA takes great pride in conducting all its training in a safe and healthy manner. In addition to the scheduled water breaks, players receive water frequently, training sessions are reduced and players are given “”shelter breaks””. When necessary, training is moved indoors away from the extreme conditions.

Does your camp have medical staff on-site should a camper become injured? 
RIFA has a certified trainer on-site at all times. In addition, most RIFA staff members are certified in CPR and first aid.



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